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My Tasks? Surely not all of these!

As a follow-up to the posting Removing Tasks from My Tasks, I wanted to describe the tasks that can show up in users' My Tasks list that they may not be expecting.

Assignment Owner

Project Server 2007 introduces the concept of an Assignment Owner. The Assignment Owner is an assignment level field that defines the person who will provide the task status. Typically the Assignment Owner is the resource to which the task is assigned. The field is useful in situations where the person doing the work is unable to provide an update using PWA. For example, Rob the resource is performing tasks and does not have access to a computer let alone PWA so his manager Maria is marked as the Assignment Owner and she can provide updates in PWA on his behalf. This means, of course that Maria's My Tasks page shows her tasks as well as Rob's tasks where Maria is the Assignment Owner.

Every resource record has a Default Assignment Owner field which, by default should be the resource. In our example, Maria could be made the Default Assignment Owner for Rob and then the project managers would not need to update the Assignment Owner field.

If the Default Assignment Owner field is not defined for enterprise resources, the Assignment Owner in the assignments in a project schedule default to the project manager who created the assignment.

Generic Resources

When a project manager assigns a generic resource to a task, the project manager automatically becomes the Assignment Owner for that assignment. This makes a bit of sense when you sit back and think about it. Obviously the generic resource cannot be its own assignment owner -- there is not a real person! If a project manager wants to avoid having these assignments clog up the My Tasks page, consider setting the Published field to "No".

Inactive Resources

When an Enterprise Resource becomes inactive, the Assignment Owner for his/her assignments becomes the project manager who next publishes the project schedule. The project manager can avoid the additional tasks on his/her My Tasks page by reassigning those tasks to an active resource. 

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