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Resources Checking Into the Hotel California

Recently I came across an installation of Project Server 2007 where the security groups were being populated with users by synchronizing with Active Directory but after each synchronization a few of the resources would appear to be checked out. These resources were checked in before the synchronization was run, so it appears to be a bug in the synchronization code. Oddly, which resources ended up being checked out was not consistent.

The workaround seemed fairly obvious - merely sign on as an Administrator and Force Check In the impacted resources - but the list of resources available to Check In was empty.

A call to Microsoft support led to the following workaround to get the resources checked in. WARNING: This involves direct modifications to the data in SQL Server. Continue at your own risk.

  1. In the ProjectServer_Published database, open the table Msp_Resources.
  2. Find the users that appear to be checked out, but do not appear in the Force Check In list.
  3. For each of those records, confirm that the "Res_CheckOutBy" field value is "{00000-00000-00000-0000}"
  4. For each of those records, change the value of the "Res_CheckOutBy" field to Null by holding the Control key and pressing 0 (zero).
Posted by Gord Schmidt on Thursday, March 22, 2007 | Permalink | Resolve