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Modifying the SharePoint Template for Project Server 2007

Project Server 2007, like Project Server 2003 provides project workspaces with SharePoint. The 2007 version is not a whole lot different apart from the addition of Deliverables. In fact the 2007 version is so similar to the 2003 one, that the Categories for the Issues and Risks are still defined as "Category 1", "Category 2" AND "Category 3".

I wrote a while back on how to modify the SharePoint template for Project Server 2003 and Microsoft has posted an article on MSDN for Project Server 2007 called Extending the Project Workspace Template.

Earlier this week I tried following the instructions provided by Microsoft for 2007 and things went just as advertised until we actually tried publishing a new project to test out the provisioning of a new project workspace. Although the publish from Project Professional seemed to work, the workspace was not created. The event log provided no help but the Queue (PWA, Server Settings, Manage Queue) stated that the WSS Workspace Create job failed.

Only when we deleted the project and project workspace that we customized were we able to then have the new project workspace provision when we published new projects. It seems as though there is still some connection to the original site.

The obvious corollary to this situation is that you should not start by customizing an existing project workspace if you want to keep that project and workspace.

There may be other workarounds. I'll keep you posted.

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