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Bye Bye PDS, Bye Bye

Why, Microsoft, why? Why are you dropping PDS in Project Server 2007? Sure, sure, you are giving us the new Project Server Interface (PSI) API. I know it will be better. I am ready to concede that. I don't want you to go back to only offering PDS. I want you to offer both.

This is an example the MSDN Magazine Camp winning yet again over the Raymond Chen Camp and, as a "Developer Developer Developer", I am not happy about it. (Back in June 2004, Joel Spolsky wrote about Microsoft either providing backwards compatibility or encouraging you to use the latest and greatest technologies. He labeled the backwards compatibility group the Raymond Chen Camp and the other the MSDN Magazine Camp. See Joel's article How Microsoft Lost the API War for more on this "battle".)

To me, the main point of using PDS to access data was to insulate developers from changes to the data model in future versions. Perhaps I would have been better off going against the SQL tables directly.

Posted by Gord Schmidt on Thursday, May 11, 2006 | Permalink