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Follow the Leader

In many organizations moving to Project Server, there are a lot of Microsoft Project installations. In many cases those installations are just expensive project plan viewers. Moving to Project Server and getting PWA licenses can often save a company lots of money in licensing costs.

Often organizations map their own internal roles to the Groups defined with Project Server. People assigned to the Team Leaders group in Project Server suddenly find that they cannot open project plans from Project Server with Project Professional instead getting the error:

The Project Server database is unavailable.
 You can't access the database for one of the following reasons:
 There is a problem with the enterprise global template in the database.
 You do not have sufficient permission to access the enterprise global template.
 Network problems are preventing access.
 Project Server does not have enterprise features enabled.
 Try to connect to the Project Server again. If the problem persists, contact your server administrator.

In the default installation, the Team Leader does not have the "Open Project Template" permission (hence the error message "You do not have sufficient permission to access the enterprise global template"). Microsoft's default installation scenario assumes that Team Leaders will not have Project Professional. There's no reason that you have to stick with the defaults though.

To add the necessary permission:

  1. In Project Web Access, click the Admin tab, then "Manage users and groups" and then "Groups"
  2. Select the group Team Leads and click "Modify Group".
  3. Check the Allow checkbox for the Global Permission "Read Enterprise Global" and "Save Changes"

    Read Enterprise Global
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