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What? You didn't want more things to read? You already have enough outstanding reading and it's stacking up? Join the club.

Nerdherding For Beginners
I first liked Michael Harmer's blog because of its name. The word nerdherding just evoked some humorous images and the fact that it reminded me of the EDS Cat Herders commercial from the Super Bowl a few years back didn't hurt either. That said, his blog is not about Project Server but rather about working on software projects and I enjoy reading his insights.

Project Management Scratchpad
Brian Leach from Steelray Software has started a blog about project management in which he promises "heavy coverage of Microsoft Project". So far, I wouldn't call it heavy, but it's still early.

Wilson Mar's Notes on Microsoft Project
Wilson Mar's Notes on Microsoft Project is an unique page. It struck me as someone's personal notes about the product so it is an opportunity to learn through someone else's eyes.

Joel Seguin's Go-Project's Links Page 
Have I not actually linked to this already!?!

Columbia University's Project Management Resource Center
This page has more web-based resources than you can shake a stick at. (And there's a 5% penalty off of your final grade for shaking a stick in class.)

Jack Dahlgren's MS Project Blog
Despite what I imagine was a long and difficult decision to start blogging, Jack Dahlgren is quick out of the gates and the articles he posts are filled with great technical information or critical impressions of that latest trends. Great reading.

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