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It Ain't Over 'til It's Over

You might think that once you complete a set of tasks under a heading like "Installation", that you would be done the installation. Not so with Project Server 2003. You still have to complete the "Post-Installation Tasks".

Skipping the Post-Installation Tasks is mostly harmless. For example, if you skipped a step during the installation, it should be fairly obvious what needs to be done. I mean, if your notifications are not working and you skipped the SMTP Mail Server Settings step, you should be able to put two and two together.

The one post-installation task that I have seen trip up a number of people is related to the OLAP cube: Add Users to Cube Database Roles in Analysis Services. Without completing this step the OLAP cube is inaccessible from PWA. As the Installation Guide says:

SQL Server Analysis Services uses Windows authentication to control access to OLAP cubes—for example, when using Portfolio Analyzer. By default, the OLAP cube database created by Project Server 2003 has no database roles defined so that only users or groups that are specifically added have access to the cubes.

I suspect what makes this step easy to forget is that you must build the OLAP cube before you can complete it. I can picture people merrily installing along when they get to the step "Add Users to Cube Database Roles in Analysis Services". They read the note that the OLAP cube must be built first and say to themselves "I'll come back to this step later" only to completely forget about it.

Update! Joël Séguin (GO Project Management) emailed me with this excellent additional consideration: "To be able to create a cube, at least one assignment must exist, which means at least one project and one resource." And of course, to do this, you really need to install Project Professional and connect it to your Project Server. No wonder people forget to come back to the task.

So, let this be a reminder to you when you are setting up a Project Server environment: Don't Forget the Post-Installation Tasks!

Posted by Gord Schmidt on Monday, March 21, 2005 | Permalink | Configure | Resolve