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More Websites to Read

To aid your continuing quest for knowledge -- I'm sure you don't have enough reading to do already -- here are some more Project Server, Project and Project Management websites.

MSDN: PDS Reference
This reference explains how to use the PDS API to access to Project Server data. Client applications can programmatically log on to Project Server and use SOAP to call PDS API methods.

MSDN: PDS Error Codes
This is probably one of my most used pages! You would probably be surprised to see how many newsgroup questions can be answered with a link to this page.

This site provides a notification service that alerts you when Microsoft publishes new KB Articles. You can track any Microsoft technology in which you are interested including Project, Project Server, SharePoint, SQL Server and Internet Explorer. You can receive the notifications by email or by RSS or just by visiting the web site.

Stephen Seay provides tips, hints, links and helpful information related to the discipline of Project Management. This is not a technical site about Project Server, but the insights provided are useful for anyone interested in project management.

Dominic Moss provides training for Microsoft Project and has a Project Checklist and a few downloads available from his site.

What have I missed? Let me know.

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