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Why Can't I Check-In?

A client of mine called me in to solve a bit of a puzzler. The previous week they had used their Project Server environment for training Project Managers. During the course of the training, each project manager had created project plans and published them to Project Server. The Project Server administrator wanted to clean up all of the plans but one of them was still checked out. (Project Server does not let an administrator delete a checked out project plan.) The administrator tried to check the project plan back in, but the plan was not in the list of checked out projects! The project showed up in the list of projects in the Project Center. It was also present (and marked as checked out) in the list of projects in the Open dialog window of Project Professional.

The user that had initially created the project plan used Windows Authentication, so as an administrator, I was able to switch the user account type to be Project Server Authentication and create a temporary password. When I signed on as this user, I went to the Check In My Projects link on the Project Center page, but still this project was not listed as checked out.

I decided to confirm that I had the correct user, so I went back to Project Professional and checked the name in the Open dialog window. The name was slightly different. It turns out the user name was not as it should have been, so the administrator fixed it after the training course.

I signed back on as the administrator and temporarily changed the user name back to what it had been previously. Only then did the project plan show up in the list of checked out projects. Then we could safely check it back in and finally delete it.

Posted by Gord Schmidt on Friday, January 21, 2005 | Permalink | Resolve