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Resolving an Odd SharePoint Issue

The other day I was working on configuring a new installation of Project Server. The client had requested multiple instances of Project Server; that is, a different instance for each department. I was extending the base fields for Issues for one of the instances and wanted to test it. When I attempted to save the issue, I got the following error message:

Project Server failed to update the links between the issue and selected tasks. Log on to Project Web Access and link the issue to tasks from the Tasks, Resource Assignments, or Project Drill-down page.

This was particularly odd as I had not tried to link tasks, or issues, or risks or anything. The issue did save though, so I opened it up and attempted to link it to some tasks on my project plan just to see what would happen. I was not able to select any tasks but rather I was presented with the following locked-down window:

Locked Down Window

Despite the fact that the project had tasks, I could not select any. The entire window except for the Cancel button was disabled.

It turns out these symptoms were caused by an incorrect URL in the "Server intranet address" on the "Server configuration" page in the Administration section. I had left the URL pointing to the original base instance of Project Server instead of the department-specific URL.

PWA Intranet Address

So despite what the webpage implies (that the address is only displayed in notifications), it does impact the functionality of the system in other ways.

Posted by Gord Schmidt on Monday, January 10, 2005 | Permalink | Resolve