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Graphical Fields Are Not Updatable in PWA

In retrospect, this should have been obvious to me.

I was working with customer that wanted a editable graphical indicator at the task level to appear on their time sheets. It sounded simple enough.

I defined an Enterprise Custom Number field with a list of values and the associated graphics. In Project Professional, before publishing a test plan, I added the field to the list of Published Fields. Finally I added the new field to the Timesheet view.

Now to test: I opened PWA and immediately went to check out the new field in the My Tasks view. The field was there, but I could not edit it. I double-checked that I had marked it as editable when I published it from Project Professional, but, sure enough, I had.

I fiddled with many different settings for awhile. It was only when I worked through the setup steps again but left out the graphics that it did work. A drop down list appeared in the My Tasks view that allowed the resource to select the appropriate value.

Here is why I should have figured it out sooner. The drop down lists that are presented in PWA are based on the standard HTML controls and these controls do not handle anything but text.

Posted by Gord Schmidt on Thursday, December 30, 2004 | Permalink | Extend | Resolve