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How to Modify a SharePoint Template for Project Server

It's funny. I see questions related to customizing SharePoint on the Project Server newsgroups. Invariably someone suggests that the question should be posted to a SharePoint newsgroup instead. But when the question is posted to the SharePoint newsgroup, someone replies and says that the question belongs in the Project Server newsgroups.

The most common question I see involving SharePoint is how to modify the SharePoint template for Project Server. For example, adding a new field to the Issues in the template so that all projects have it to start. There are four major steps to accomplish this:

Create a New Site

Customize the Template

Save and Export

Import onto the Server so it can be used as a Site Template

That should do it. Don't let the number of steps scare you. It is quite simple really. Just remember, changing the SharePoint template only impacts new project sites. Existing project sites are not modified.

Posted by Gord Schmidt on Monday, December 06, 2004 | Permalink | Configure | Extend