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Hide the Outlook Integration Links within PWA

Microsoft has provided an interesting feature that offers integration between Project Server and Outlook. You can view project tasks in your Outllook Calendar and even report time to Project Server using Outlook.

What Microsoft did not provide was an easy way to turn that feature off.

There are two pages within PWA that display a link to the Outlook functionality: the Home page and the View my tasks page. Unfortunately, there is not one easy way to remove both of them.

To remove the hyperlink from the View my tasks page, update the value in the column WSEC_PAGE_ACT_ID from 201 (view Timesheet) to 107 (Integration with External Timesheet System) in the table MSP_WEB_SECURITY_PAGES for the record where WSEC_PAGE_ID = 209 (Tasks/outladdn.asp)

Now assuming you have set "integration with External Timesheet System" to Deny, the Outlook link will not appear on the View my tasks page.

To remove the hyperlink from the Home page, you will need to modify the Active Server Page. There are two sections in the code that have to be changed.

First find the HOMEPAGE.ASP file. It's default location is:

C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office Project Server 2003\IIS Virtual Root\HOME\HOMEPAGE.ASP

Remember to take a backup of this file!

The first change is to remove lines 980 through 985 from the original file. This code would display the actual Outlook link on the Home page within a row of a table.

Remove lines 980 through 985

The second change is to remove lines 403 through 411 from the original file. This code references the table row we just removed.

Remove lines 403 through 411

That should do it. Obviously, you could get fancier depending on your requirements. For example, you could modify the Home page to reference the security setting for "integration with external timesheet system" and then control it with security groups.

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