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Removing an Existing Custom Enterprise Field

Removing an Enterprise Custom Field is not something that happens every day in a live environment, but I find myself in situations where it happens from time to time. This time it was a training course that wanted to use an existing sandbox environment so they could access semi-relevant data. We wanted to remove some of the Enterprise Custom Fields that would not be relevant to the course attendees.

There is not a "Delete Enterprise Custom Field" button built into the Project Professional interface. (This makes some sense. I can't imagine the designers at Microsoft thinking that people would want to delete this type of data. There are many other features higher on the list of things to do.)

So, how can you remove an unwanted Enterprise Custom Field? Essentially you have to return the definition of the field back to its original state. So for an Enterprise Project Outline Code, you must:

  1. Rename the field and give it an empty string as the name.
  2. Delete the rows that make up the Code Mask.
  3. Delete the rows in the Look Table.
  4. Deselect the checkboxes for Subordinate Values and Required Code.

It can be even tricker for Custom Fields where you may have to remove Value Lists, Formulas, Graphic Indicators and so on. Even if your custom field is based on a Value List, if there is something in the Formula defintion, you will not have successfully removed the complete field definition. The best thing to do is to compare each part of the definition of the Custom Field you wish to delete with an empty and unused Custom Field.

Posted by Gord Schmidt on Tuesday, November 16, 2004 | Permalink | Configure | Resolve